Pukhraj for Marriage

Pukhraj for Marriage

Pukhraj for Marriage – Yellow Sapphire  also know as Pukhraj in Hindi and Pushprag in Sanskrit is best stone for marriage and happy marriage life. Pukhraj can be wear for Early marriage and delay in marriage for male female individual, But before wearing yellow sapphire Stone We need suggestion from Reputed Astrologer who can predect your kindly properly.As now days everyone is telling he is an astrologer so kindly keep in your mind Astrologer should be Degree Holder of Knowledgeable .If they will recommend as per kundli , then pukhraj will give you very good effect and your marriage will be happen soon and will solve your all marriage life problem.

Pukhraj for Marriage can be wear in Gold or Pancha Dhatu ring in right hand for Male and Left hand for Female , As per astrology Female lfet hand is more active and male right hand is more active.

Pukhraj for Marriage Should be Untreated and Unheated for Astrological purpose as now days in market Man made , Glass field,  Heated  and Many more quality pukhraj is available so we always need untreated and unheated Pukrhaj for astrological purpose.Untreated and unheated pukrhaj is costly but many variety are there you can choose low to low quality but it should be Untreated Unheated.As its recommended for Jupiter an Jupiter is one of the strongest planet among all Planet.Jupiter Focus on Your marriage ,education , career , finance and many more purpose.

If you don’t have enough money to buy yellow sapphire, Pukhraj then you can just carry one yellow cloth, As yellow cloth is always effective for marriage.So don’t waste your money and time in wearing pukhraj if you cann’t wear good quality just take one yellow cloth.

You can also Get good astrological Advice and proper information about yellow sapphire stone from Our learn’t astrologer.

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Properties of Natural Yellow Sapphire



Origin :-Sri Lanka

Color:-Lemon Yellow

Spectrum color:-Orange

Cut:-Oval shape is best for astrological Purpose

Kindly see few Pics Available of Natural Yellow Sapphire

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