17 Mukhi Rudraksha is symbol of Lord Vishwakarma and recognizes craftsmanship and creativity. IT is for excellence in any work relating to art. Rudraksha is excellent for all the artists related to any field like Actors, Directors, Musicians, Painters, Sculptors, Architects, Jewellery / fashion / interior designersas theit aet is taken to heights by the wearer of rudrakshas.

name of Rudraksha:-17 Mukhi

Origin of Rudraksha:-Nepali

Color of Rudraksha:-Dark Brown

Seventeen Faced Rudraksha:-

Ruling God ? Mother Seeta

Ruling Planet ? Shani dev

Mantra ? Om namah shivay

17 Mukhi Rudraksha bead is effective remedy for various Sex Disorders like Night Fall and Ejaculation and makes the wearer strong to fight against laziness, Memory Lapse, Body Functional Disorders.

Heals the disorders of Small Intestine, Lungs, Bronchial tree.

This Seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha removes all sins done in the life time and provide liberation in the end. Wearer also gets spiritual powers.

Wearer is blessed with sudden wealth like inheritance, profits, awakened kundalini etc. The wearer will receive will get Raja-bhoga and live like a king.

The wearer of this Seventeen Mukhi Rudraksha should pray to the mother Goddess Seeta with respect as the wearer will get Moksha (liberation) and get success in all of his ventures. This Rudraksha gives the wearer all kind of comforts, money, pleasures, leisure and happiness.