Mangal Ratan Red Moonga

Mangal Ratan Red Moonga

Mangal Ratan Red Moonga also called Red Coral


Sanskrit Name – Moonga

English name – Coral

Metal to set the ring – Copper / gold depending on intensity of planet

Worship on Tuesday morning, with Mangal grah mantras and puja, clean gemstone with holy water and get it blessed by Lord Shiva then chant the mantra

“Aum Bhowm Bhowmaay namah”

Male sheep is the divine vahana of Mangal grah, hence it is recommended to avoid eating the male sheep by native and feed them on Tuesday for longevity and defeating your enemies.

Mars or mangal is the God of warfare, hence it boosts native with energy, good health and defeats enemies. Mangal doshak can be eliminated by wearing dark Mangal Ratan Red Moonga.

For female married natives the red coral protects woman from widowhood or any pregnancy complications or menstrual blood loss. It increases strength of woman promoting longevity, reproduction capability and good health.

People born on 9th, 18th, and 27th of any month have mars as ruling planet.

Red Coral improves blood circulation, bones, muscular strength, mental depression of the wearer.

If the wearer is suffering from financial losses or debt then it successfully helps in repayment. An malefic mangal grah can cause the native to lose health, wealth, honor in the society.

Natives dealing in the following professions can benefit by wearing red coral ring studded in gold or copper – politicians, sportsmen, doctors, military officers, traders, drivers, sailors and other profession with risk of life and responsible for saving life. The gemstone is recommended to enhance self-confidence, ambition, leadership capability.

Italian Mangal Ratan Red Moonga (Red Coral) is considered to be the finest of all the lots.

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