Indra Nila Jal Nila Mayur Nila Pink Nila also known As Blue Sapphire stone

Indra Nila Jal Nila Mayur Nila Pink Nila

Indra Nila Jal Nila Mayur Nila Pink Nila also known As Blue Sapphire stone

Indra Nila Stone:- Deep Blue , Blue Sapphire is called Indra Nila

Jal Nila Stone:-Light Blue , Blue Sapphire is called Jal nila

Mayur Nila:- Sky Blue , Blue Sapphire is called Mayur Nila Stone


Indra Nila Stone:-

Indra nila stone is best effective among all blue sapphire stone, Indra nila start effect quickly with repsect to Jal nila, Mayur nila as Its proper Blue color. Indra Nila is also rare and costly according to Jal nila and Mayur Nila Stone, So we Recommend Indra Nila if you want immediate effect of Blue Sapphire stone.Indra Nila always recommended to wear in white gold.


Jal Nila stone:-

Jal Nila always effective slowly and Takes Time to start good effect.This stone is not to costly or rare, We can get good stone approx Rs.10000/carat for good quality.Jal nila can wear either in Silver or Pancha dhatu.The person who want to wear blue sapphire without any bad effect they can try Jal Nila.



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