Energize Original Indra Rudraksha Mala with certified from IGL lab

Indra Rudraksha Mala

Special sidddh Rudraksha Energize Indrashi Mala having 1 to 21 Mukhi Rudraksha, Gauri shankar ,Ganesha  ,trijuti and Savaar, beads is known as Indra Rudraksha Mala. This is rarest Mala combination for the human beings. This is very special and most powerful Mala made of selection of collector size, Genuine quality and super powerful all pieces from Nepali Rudraksha beads (except one Mukhi) are 1 to 21 Mukhis, 1 trijuti, 1 Gauri shankar, 1 Ganesh and 1 sawar.

The worshiper or wearer of this Mala is empowered by high energy levels and supreme divinity in such a way that the person can overcome any kind of odds to get all round Success and peace for the life, such a Mala was in possession in the past by great devotees of Lord Shiva, kings, royal families and extremely successful people. If some one is embarking or new venture or wishes to protect his/her achievements and possessions then this Mala can be used as a powerful tool to give all-round success.The Indonesian Indra Rudraksha Mala containing smaller and non-definable beads is available with slightly more number of people but the mala we make always from our authentic Nepal Rudraksha beads according to your desires. Such as described in our great epics like Shivapuran is possessed by only lucky ones. we do energization before sending to our client. All Rudraksha are individually certified from reputed lab.

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